New Product New Plant @ GLAS 2023 – Some Highlights

The New Product and New Plant Awards are a highlight of the GLAS trade show. These awards recognize the best product and plant across the organisations exhibiting the event.

New Plant

At GLAS 2022, Rentes Plants took the crown with their Buddleia “Butterfly Candy” Range for its colourful variety along with the plant being popular among pollinators. Rentes newest entry, Hydrangea dubbed “Sunshine Amy,” has qualities of variegated foliage and was discovered at the Rentes nursery. Named after the youngest member of the Rentes clan, “Sunshine Amy” looks to repeat the crown due to its uniqueness along with bright vibrant colours and a generous head of flowers.

Among the same species of plant, Uniplumo has entered a hydrangea of their own, the Magical Amethyst and Jewel Garden hydrangeas are supported by sturdy stems while fashioning a colour range of pink, blue and red variants.

Ball Colegrave has put two plants up for award at GLAS 2023. Firstly, the Begonia Hula, the world’s first semperfloren Begonia series for baskets, containers and landscapes. The Begonia Hula has fast filling qualities complimented with early flowers for high impact colour.

Additionally, Ball Colegrave has entered the Cuphea Sweet talk series, a nectar-rich plant attractive to bees and butterflies.

New Product

Unichem has entered a natural based insecticide, Oikos. The ecologically safe insecticide  controls on food and ornamentals grown under protected conditions.

Ceramic and Potting company, Dunne & Dineen, have placed a spotlight on their floral, plain and shell glazed birdbaths. Available in an array of colours, these garden ornaments  create a classy edge to a garden space.

Eirgrow nominated a Lifetime Chicken Coup. This toolless assembled coup has an external nest for egg collection, ventilation slots, antipredator locking and is water washable.

On the side of technological advancement, Moasure has created a digital measuring system. Named Moasure ONE, this nominee allows for the ability to digitally measure complex shapes like calculating perimeter, area and changes in elevation simply by moving.

Total Slip Solutions have entered two products into the race, the Anti-Slip sleepers and the PolyBridge/PolyDeck, these entries emphasise not slip technology. The Anti-Slip Sleepers have a 15-year warranty and are fashioned by three aesthetically pleasing Anti-Slip strips. While the PolyBridge/PolyDeck are combined recycled GRP products boasting a 75-year lifespan.

Showing their versatility, Hygeia has five separate entries into this year’s New Product award, Nature Safe Orchid Feed 250 ml, Nature Safe Indoor Plant food 250 ml, Nature Safe Rose and Shrub Feed 2 kg, Nature Safe Seaweed Enriched Feed 2 kg and Nature Safe Fruit and Veg Feed.

Landscape Depot supports their Stainless Steel Green Wall Wire Trellis System perfect for climbing plants. Last but not the least, Green Equipment Supplies is putting up their Antonio Carrero TR 7600 for the award. This tractor emphasises versatility perfect for any task required.

The winners will be judged, announced and presented at the show. Make sure you are there. GLAS 2023 takes place July 20th at the National Basketball Arena, Dublin. Open from 9am there is ample free parking.