Bord Bia Thinking House

Bord Bia’s Thinking House which offers unrivalled support and industry insight to members of the trade;

Bord Bia staff members will be showing the facilities available to the industry – to obtain the latest research, global trends, consumer insights and industry innovations – on touch screens formatted especially for the occasion.

Understanding what our customers want is key to building the success of the Irish horticulture industry and Bord Bia’s Thinking House can help producers maximise these opportunities.

Mike Neary
Director of Meat and Horticulture Division - Bord Bia

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Bord Bia Thinking House Consumer Reports

The Future Of Meat, January 2020;

We are identifying the future cultural context of meat and six consumer innovation platforms to drive tomorrow’s growth for Ireland’s meat

Download the full report here

What Ireland Ate Last Night, February 2020;

We claim to place a high level of importance on our diets, and many of us claim to be trying to change our diets in conjunction with trends and what we hear in the media.

Download the full report here

Beef Shopper Insight Report Ireland – 2019;

56%of people would like to gain more knowledge about beef and the different type of cuts available, 42%agree that the beef sectionin stores/supermarkets is boring.

Download the full report here

Potato Usage & Attitudes In Ireland – 2019;

The Consumer Lifestyle Trends represent the biggest trends shaping people’s lives over the next 3-5 years. By keeping up with trends and understanding what’s coming next, the programme helps companies within the food & drink industry in Ireland to better prepare for the future needs and desires of their consumers.

Download the full report here

What Does Clean Mean- May 2019;

This study was initiated in 2018 by Bord Bia to develop an understanding of what consumers look for in clean labelling. It sets out to understand how this translates in terms of what consumers are looking for and also what they are looking to avoid both in terms of ingredients and claims for the future.

Download the full report here


With the full support of Bord Bia, GLAS offers a unique networking opportunity for both buyers and sellers in Ireland’s horticulture, sportsturf and related industries.

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