GLAS Learning Theatres

Presentations in the GLAS Learning Theatres are free to attend, and are supported by Bord Bia and Teagasc. Registration is required: simply scroll down to confirm your place.

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Bord Bia Learning Theatre 1

  10:30 – 10:50 & 14.10 – 14.30 

Irish Cancer Society’s SunSmart Campaign for Outdoor Workers

– Presented by Úna Delahunt, Cancer Prevention Advisor, Irish Cancer Society

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in Ireland with over 11,000 new cases diagnosed each year. But it is one of the most preventable. Outdoor workers are at increased risk of the disease with 1 in 4 skin cancer deaths occurring in the construction and farming sector. The Irish Cancer Society aims to raise awareness among all outdoor workers to ensure they follow the SunSmart Code and take adequate measures to reduce their risk of skin cancer.
Úna has an honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a Masters in Physical Activity and Public Health.

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  11:00 – 11:30  

New Product New Plant Awards & Best in Show Presentations

The best new plants and new products will be awarded by a panel of expert judges. The judges will also name one exhibitor as Best in Show.

  11:35 – 11:55  

Professionalism in Horticulture for the 21st Century

– Claire Woods, Chartered Institute of Horticulture

A Fellow and Chartered Horticulturist of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture Claire has been working in horticulture of 30 years since graduating with an MSc in Crop Production ( Horticulture) from the University of Bath. Passionate about all things horticultural Claire has worked in both the commercial and amenity sectors.

She is enthusiastic about teaching and training the next generation of professional horticulturists and promoting the professionalism of the industry to the general public. Her talk focuses on ways to develop professionalism in the industry to ensure the industry is valued and its products and services are justly rewarded.

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  12:00 – 12:35 & 15:20 – 15:55 

“Being Mr Christmas”

– Dan Cooper, seasonal buyer at John Lewis

Dan Cooper’s knowledge, expertise and passion for Christmas is unrivalled. In the twenty plus years that he has worked at John Lewis Dan has seen the nation’s decorations, trees and lights transform and evolve in shape, size and colour.
As the retailer’s Head of Christmas Buying, Dan travels to all points of the compass from China and India to the Netherlands, Czech Republic and UK to source unique products, meet talented suppliers and devise new services and concepts that will add that extra sparkle and joy to Christmas.

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As well as buying, Dan coordinates John Lewis’ wider approach to the festive season, bringing together product, visual merchandising, point of sale, customer experience and online channels to deliver one of the most powerful and creative Christmas campaigns in retail. On Dan’s watch, no two seasons are ever the same and 2018 will be no exception!

  12:45 – 13:10 & 14:35 – 15:10 

Inspiring the Customer… What makes a customer buy a plant

– Andy McIndoe, Horticulture Consultant

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What makes the customer buy a plant? Whether it’s the retailer or gardener, what makes a plant an attractive proposition?An outstanding plantsman and former MD of Hillier Nurseries, Andrew McIndoe has designed 25 Gold medal-winning gardens at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Andrew is a busy freelance garden designer, writer, speaker and book author and horticultural consultant.

  13:20 – 13.40 

Changing trends in planting design – where to from here?

– Patricia Tyrell, GLDA

Having initially studied Landscape Horticulture, also at UCD, Patricia launched her own Design Consultancy Business in 84, and has completed many assignments in the Commercial and Residential sectors. As a qualified Landscape Horticulturist, Patricia believes strongly that good landscape design should be underpinned with good planting design, and offers a specialist service in Planting Design to clients with existing gardens in need of renewal and to other design professionals.

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  13:45 – 14.05  

Update on Trends from the Bord Bia Thinking House

– Grace Binchy, Bord Bia

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Grace works as an Insight and Innovation specialist with Bord Bia. Grace’s role in Bord Bia involves working with food and drinks companies from start ups to more well established companies, working with them to understand the importance of the consumer and how best to develop their brand for the marketplace.

Teagasc Learning Theatre 2

  10:30 – 10:50  

Update on Horticulture Apprenticeships by Teagasc

– Presented by John Mulhern, Teagasc

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John promotes and highlights the wide range of Horticultural Apprenticeships on offer through Teagasc. 
  11:35 – 11:55  

Water Wise – best practice guidelines for irrigation and budgeting

– Presented by Donall Flanagan, Teagasc

Donall discusses the issues that affect the industry, including updates from EPA on water abstraction. Donall Flanagan is the Nursery Stock and Ornamentals specialised advisor for Teagasc. He has been teaching a wide range of horticultural subjects for more than 15 years.
While working with Teagasc in Kildalton College he was involved in delivering Nursery stock production and propagation modules .

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He has gained practical hands on experience from Kildalton nursery which has been using IPM protocols for over 10 years. Donall has worked in protected ornamentals and landscaping in Ireland, Germany and Hungry. He completed a degree in Ag. Science (Commercial Hort) in UCD and completed a masters there also investigating the phytopathogen status of native Irish apple trees.

  12:00 – 12:20  

Safe, smart and sustainable pest control

– Presented by Neil Helyer, NAD/Fargro

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Introduction to the main pest species of commercial note in Irish horticultural crops primarily nursery, bedding and pot plant focus.

Pest and Beneficials Identification and notes on life cycles of key pests in Ireland:
Whitefly | Aphids | Red spider Mite | Thrips | Sciarids | Vine weevil

  12.25 – 12:45  

Precision Nutrition, Optimising the nutrient supply to match plant demand , producing healthier plants and reducing disease losses

– Presented by Andrew Wilson, ICL

Technical talk looking into best practise for plant protection.

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  12.50 – 13.10  

Therapeutic Horticulture….Stress Management and Well-Being for Success in Business

– Presented by Seán McCarthy, Director McCarthy O’Connor Training and Consultancy Limited

Seán McCarthy is a Director of McCarthy O’Connor Training and Consultancy Limited. Having worked within mental health services both in Ireland and England for over 35 years he brings a huge range of experiences to bear in his role within the company.

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He will focus during his brief presentation on how we can identify and deal with stress and mind our mental health in a manner that helps us to drive and build our business as well as supporting ourselves and our employees. The World Health Organisation tell us that by 2025 depression will be the leading illness in the world therefore impacting hugely on the workplace. Let’s start looking at what we can do to lessen its impact on our businesses.

  13.15 – 13:35  

Plant Health Awareness and Emerging Threats

– Presented by Con Collis, Department of Agriculture

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In addition to working as a Plant Health Inspector, Con is responsible for dealing with trade in plants and plant product entering Ireland directly from outside the EU as well as export certification of plants and plant product destined for third countries. His role also includes plant health awareness raising and involvement in developing Ireland’s New Plant Health Strategy. In addition to raising awareness regarding current plant health issues Con will also provide the latest information on emerging plant health risks.

  14.15 – 14:35  

Sands for Sportsturf Construction and Maintenance

– Presented by Paul Campbell, CAFRE Greenmount

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Paul campbell is Work-based Horticulture Courses Manager at CAFRE. He is the tutor for the sports turf level 2. The Level 2 qualification produces skilled operatives who can quickly become key workers within the grounds care and sportsturf sectors.

  14:40 – 15:00 

All Ireland Pollinators Plan, a Roadmap for Plant Sales

– Presented by Peter Cuthbert, Horticulture Consultant

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Pollinators through the eyes of insects was the theme of my presentation at the National Biodiversity Conference in March 2018,video on
At Bloom this year the stand on Pollinators was thronged with the public seeking information on pollinating friendly plants for gardens. There are market opportunities supplying plants liked by the public and pollinating insects, be it hanging baskets, wall planters, summer bedding/herbaceous schemes.

Peter Woolford Cuthbert BSc Agr (Hort) has being working inTown planning,Ecology, Invasive Species and Horticulture since 1975. Recent projects Biodiversity schemes at Finglas, Hebron Kilkenny, plant collection restoration Fernhill.
Working with Dr Una Fitzpatrick of National Biodiversity Data Centre on the Pollinator Plan has being epic. There is an opportunity at wholesale and retail to increase plant sales targeting sustainable planting. My presentation will provide information on plants favoured by pollinators from observations over a number of years. Final recommendation keep in touch with National Biodiversity Data Centre Web site.

  15:15 – 15:35  

Turfgrass Disease – Alternative Means of Suppression

– Presented by Dr John Dempsey, Royal Curragh Golf Course

John began greenkeeping in the 1980’s and has been Superintendent of Ireland’s oldest golf course –The Royal Curragh since 1993. Always had a keen interest in sportsturf education John has undertaken courses beginning with basic greenkeeping at the Botanic gardens in Dublin to a 1st class Honours Degree in Turfgrass science at Myerscough College in the UK. Completed a PhD during 2016 in Turfgrass pathology in the Centre for Research in Biosciences at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

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John has conducted independent research on turfgrass disease management for the past 10 years, covering extensively the subject Microdochium nivale infection of turfgrasses, turfgrass responses to infection and the effect of phosphite treatments on disease suppression, turfgrass growth and quality. John has presented the results of his research at numerous conferences and seminars in Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Norway, USA, Canada and at BTME in Harrogate.